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Is the Jailbreak for iOS in low hours?


The advance and the “opening” of iOS, the big culprit

There are three types of users who do not want to jailbreak, the one who does not trust, the one who does not know it and a new range of users who no longer see it necessary, these new users who have come hand in hand with iOS 8 and iOS 9, Apple’s two operating systems with fewer restrictions in many, are the most common today.

We cannot deny that iOS had a series of restrictions that not everyone was willing to contain. The arrival of iOS 9 began a journey of customization and added functions, which although we cannot deny that they have produced a drop in performance and quality of the operating system, it has also turned it into that software that many demanded. The times when widgets were unthinkable are far away, where we would never imagine that we would have a content blocker for Safari, a low consumption mode on our devices as well as different accessibility functions that we could only get through Jailbreak, even the real multitasking for the new iPad is something that until now He was exclusively for the Jailbreak.

iOS has expanded a lot, it has reached new limits, it has become a bit more flexible and that has really pleased recent users, it has even been able to piss off classic users who preferred a controlled environment of stability and optimization to exhaustion , but it is an incontestable reality that has ended up harming the Jailbreak,

From China with love

The news of malware from China and which seriously affects the privacy of users is common day after day on Android, it has even recently crossed the barriers we believed impregnable from the App Store. They traffic with private user data, it is a reality, and they no longer have limits or shame, they don’t want your permission. We do not stay here, the eagerness to copy and scam is reaching irrational limits, the number of scams in appraisals and substitutes from China begins to scratch the legal, and Apple knows.

Although, Tongbu and Pangu, are the new participants in this rodeo. They have become masters and lords of Jailbreak since the arrival of iOS 7, violating the security of iOS at will at an incredible pace, as if it were a race. A group of hackers that we know almost nothing boasts of manipulating iOS at will, and launch tools that allow us to jailbreak our device. This series of tools contains a number of errors and abnormal bugs in a formal development team, however, there they are.

Confidence in the Jailbreak community is being completely lost, as if that were not enough, the stalemate that the advance of iOS has hit the Jailbreak, we are facing a hacker community that nothing is known about and that comes from one of the places where less respect is given for ethical software, the computer security, privacy and human rights in general. Recently the spyware news was hidden in several tweaks, it will become a usual tonic, if not, at the same time.