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Is it worth a tempered glass protector for iPhone?


How do they differ from common screen protectors?

Why protect more than classic plastic protectors?

They are more comfortable than plastic films

If you look, this section is not a question, but an affirmation. Why? Because it is crystal, it is the closest thing we will ever have to wear nothing, since it is a crystal. In addition, many of them bring a oleophobic layer which allows us to save many fingerprints and smears on the screen. The slip is usually higher than that of most plastic protectors, at least those that move in a similar price range.

They are easier to put on

I understand that it may be scary to place something “rigid” on the screen, it seems that we only have one opportunity, which is going to be complicated, but nothing is like that. Tempered glass you just have to place them well, something quite easy taking as reference the home button and the headset, since we will never have bubbles in a tempered glass, since expels the air automatically, so those annoying bubbles on the screen present in most users who place a plastic will disappear. And not only that, if you have enough patience and softness, you can remove and replace a tempered glass as many times as you want.

The contradictory tempered glass of the iPhone 6 / 6S

That’s right, the curved edges of the iPhone 6 / 6S screen have made it difficult for many manufacturers to create full tempered glass. Unfortunately, most have chosen to adapt tempered crystals that do not cover the entire glass, losing resistance considerably, since if you fall from the corner you will not be able to protect it, although they continue to provide more comfort to the touch, and those with rounded edges will not be bothersome touch.

However, we also have full body protectors that cover the entire front of the iPhone 6 / 6S, but the vast majority adopt an absurd price that not many are willing to pay. For example, our partner Luis Padilla analyzed this tempered glass that doesn’t even show but that does not fall below 35 euros. On the other hand, in devices up to iPhone 5S tempered glass is imperceptible. On the other hand, if you were wondering, no, tempered glass does not affect 3D Touch at all.

Tempered glass and screen protectors for iPhone

Draw (finished)

Update: the deadline to participate and luck has wanted the screen savers to go to:

  • @ miguelyo77 (Just Mobile AutoHeal)
  • @Lissyly (Sentete)
  • @AlexitoArroyo (Sentete)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating. Stay tuned for future draws that luck may call you on that occasion.

Just Mobile AutoHeal

We could not finish this post dedicated to screen savers without draw three units for all of you

The first winner will take a unit of Just Mobile AutoHeal in white for iPhone 6 / 6s, one of the most advanced protectors on the market that you can buy right now.

Sentete screen protector

For the second and third participants, we have a tempered glass protector for iPhone 6 / 6s The Sentete store gives us for all of you.

To participate in this raffle you just have to perform the following steps: