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iRig Acoustic, microphone for acoustic guitar for iPhone


The iRig acoustic captures a full range and timbre of any instrument and they promise us that the sound is highly professional. Unlike magnetic microphones, the iRig does not change the sound color of the instrument, it offers a high frequency response and a low noise pitch. I, who have had a magnetic tablet for years, can confirm the importance of what is described here, if they finally fulfill what was promised. And, on the other hand and as usual in this type of tablets, the iRig Acoustic no batteries needed, so it is simply connect and use, something that is very simple because of its small size, and I comment again on my experience where I had a pickup that to mount it I had to remove or loosen the strings of the guitar.

If you are interested, you have more information and you can buy the iRig Acoustic from the official website of IK Multimedia.

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