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IOS malware continues to grow

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The creators of virus and malware They usually create their software focusing on the most used operating system. It is something that seems logical, since if they want to have more possibilities, it is best to "aim" at a crowd and not at a few people. Windows has always been (and will be on desktop systems) the preferred operating system for these types of criminals and on mobile operating systems the preferred one is Android. Anyway, iOS is growing in market share and the "nice" creators of viruses and malware they are increasingly focusing on Apple operating systems.

Cases of applications that have stolen sensitive data from some users have been discovered. It is unusual for these applications to reach the App Store, but the XcodegGhost case shows that Apple users cannot be 100% calm either. To regain user confidence, Apple is already preparing its defense plan Against this kind of problem.

This Anti-Malware defense plan will start with tighter control of applications, where those in charge of admitting an app will check the source code of the application and also check if an external SDK has been integrated. In other words, it will look a little more in the bowels of any application before it is published.

The aforementioned case of XcodeGhost and the FireEye discovery of About 2800 applications in the Chinese App Store Containing potentially malicious code, capable of being activated through JavaScript, audio and screen capture, GPS, etc., have forced Apple to take action. It is not known if this will harm legal developers, but it is most likely not so. In the worst case and being unlikely, developers could see how their applications take a little longer to be published, a lesser evil if the goal is user safety.

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