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iOS 9 blocks iPhones repaired in unofficial workshops

It is to protect our information

After upgrading to iOS 9, many users have found that their iPhone issued the so-called “error 53” so they cannot run normally. Above all it is affecting those who have changed parts related to the Touch ID and the screen. The really striking thing is that these users who report the blockade, have been using their device for quite some time once repaired, It has once been updated to iOS 9 when the famous “error 53” has been found, which makes us think that it is a measure by Apple to avoid this kind of practices, which are bad for the business in the economic and bad for the business as far as representation is concerned.

Once updated these owners have been left with a beautiful paperweight, one affected has been precisely a journalist, Antonio Olmos de The guardian while doing his job. Therefore, users who suffer from this brickeo have also run out of the data they housed in the device’s memory, since it cannot be accessed in any of the ways. Obviously Apple does not offer any type of repair once this error is found, so go preparing your wallet, and if you have made repairs outside the Apple SAT, do not update. The problem is becoming widespread, in iFixit are receiving an abnormally large number of searches on “error 53”, so little by little it will be the daily bread. Apple has hunted down unauthorized repairers.

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