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iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 will focus on the quality of the systems


For the first time in many years, Apple will change its usual roadmap in the development of iOS and OS X, which is usually full of news and improvements, and will focus on improving the quality of its operating systems. The new deliveries of both systems are expected to resemble the arrival of Snow Leopard, a system that significantly improved the performance of Leopard and of which many say it was the best system, in terms of performance, which we have used in our Macs .

The sources ensure that, in addition to optimizing the overall operation of the system, Apple will add several new security features and make important changes to its new programming language, Swift. If the information is correct, it seems that the next keynote will be really interesting.

New features in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

The most outstanding developments, as we said before, will focus on polishing current systems (iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite) to improve the overall user experience. This week we already commented that iOS 9 will arrive with the source “San Francisco”, which is already present in the Apple Watch, as well as a new option to divide the screen that will allow us to use multiventana. In addition, it is expected that the maps are also improved with traffic information and establishments. With respect to OS X, Apple would have realized that adding new features to the desktop operating system is much more difficult than in iOS, so the news could be less than in the mobile operating system. I think it will be appreciated if this is true, since the systems, especially OS X, already have many functions and what users demand is more fluid.

Anyway, that does not mean that there will be no news coming to OS X. The new operating system will continue the path started in OS X Yosemite and, logically, with its image. In addition, it seems that Apple plans to include the Control Center in OS X 10.11. The Control Center will have many system controls, such as music controls and other controls that we have already seen on iOS

Security enhancements

Apple has also been working on significant security improvements for the two operating systems. The most important has been baptized as “Rootless”, but security has also been added to iCloud Drive and a new feature called “Trusted WiFi.”


The internal sources enthusiastically await a new security system called Rootless (direct translation “without root”, without being able to be “super user”), which has been described internally as “immense”. This is a change at the Kernel level for both systems. For prevent malware, increase the security of extensions and maintain the security of more sensitive data, Rootless will prevent users even at the administrative level to access some protected files of the device. Rootless is expected to be a problem for the jailbreak community, but it can be disabled in OS X. The current Finder system in OS X will still be present with Rootless active.

iCloud Drive

To synchronize with the most secure applications for customers, Apple intends to change many of its main applications for iCloud. At this time, applications such as Notes or calendars use an IMAP base to synchronize content between devices. With iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, Apple plans that the synchronization process with iCloud offers better encryption and synchronization faster than that of a conventional IMAP.

To promote iCloud Drive, they will also try to “invite us” to use Apple services. And to improve your cloud services, Apple is updating the iCloud and CloudKit servers to support the news. On the other hand, an official iCloud Drive application is expected to launch, but for now it will be used only internally.

Trusted WiFi

The latest in terms of security is the “Trusted WiFi” feature, which is under development to be launched as soon as possible, but could be delayed until next year’s iOS and OS X versions. Trusted WiFi It would allow Mac and iOS devices to connect to a Wi-Fi network without extra security measures, but would use stronger encryption for routers that are not trusted. Apple has been testing its own third-party applications and apps to make sure they will work on several Wi-Fi networks when the feature is activated.

Optimization for older devices

Good news for users of “less new” devices. The vast majority of users believe that Apple’s next mobile operating system would force them to buy a new smartphone or tablet, but It seems that the company led by Tim Cook works to make these devices work better with the arrival of iOS 9.

Something that will surprise many, the sources ensure that devices with A5 processor (iPhone 4S and iPad 2) can use iOS 9. This is because Apple intends that, from now on, its devices always work “decently”, unlike what users who are experiencing an iPhone 4 updated to iOS 7 are experiencing.

Swift 2.0 and less heavy applications

In addition to all the news in the operating systems, Apple is also preparing an important update for its new programming system, which was presented at the WWDC last June.

When Swift was launched, Apple did not include its libraries within iOS. In the end, this adds 8MB to the total weight of each application written in Swift and, the more applications written in Swift we have, the less space we have left on our iPhone. This will change with the arrival of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. The libraries will be preinstalled on iOS and OS X and this means that applications will require less space, something that users with devices with less available space would appreciate. Apple applications, in what we could call “at the blacksmith’s house, wooden spoon”, will not start converting their applications to Swift until next year, with iOS 10 and OS X 10.12. It is never late if happiness is good.

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