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Install the Nintendo DS emulator on your iPhone without Jailbreak [ NDS4iOS ]



It's been a long time since iOS emulators they do not appear in the community, every year after the announcement of the jailbreak of the new version of iOS, there are many who are waiting for apps such as NDS4iOS or PPSSPP to be updated and made compatible to enjoy the potential of our device and advantages of those leisure environments.

This year it seems that things for PPSSPP have gotten complicated, and because of some technical problems related to internal changes in iOS 9 we will have to wait patiently and pray that this emulator survives this new version, however NDS4iOS is still compatible with iOS 9, and now it has taken a step further being possible to install it without jailbreak.

On many occasions there are pages that are dedicated to rescue exiled apps from the AppStore and introduce certificates To be able to be installed on iOS without going through the great A, I speak for example the web iEmulators, which has always ensured to allow the installation of these applications from the Safari itself and without the need for jailbreak.


This time it is iOSEM who has brought us back the Nintendo DS and DSi emulator NDS4iOS, and today we will explain how to install it.

Installation tutorial

Step 1:

From our iOS device we open Safari and access the following address

Step 2:


When this screen appears, we press install and accept the warning that will tell us " is trying to install" nds4ios ""

Step 3:

Go back to the home screen of your device and wait for the app to install.

Step 4: