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How to reduce data consumption in iOS 9

Reducir consumo de datos en iOS9

Reduce data consumption in iOS9

Since the plans began to have “unlimited data transfer” many of us do not review the data consumption during the month, but when the company bill arrives we have big surprises, since most of the plans have a limit of data that if we pass them, an “additional consumption” begins to be billed. With the new changes In iOS 9 there have been numerous complaints about high use of mobile data. If this is the case for you, we have some tips you can use to significantly reduce mobile data consumption on your iPhone.

Turn off the use of mobile data for iCloud.

If you use iCloud to work on different devices, this could lead to higher than normal data consumption. If you are working on a Pages document, during its use you will be using mobile data. All those modifications and changes are being saved in the cloud and you will be using data during this process. To disable the use of mobile data in iCloud follow the next steps:

  • Opens Settings and enter iCloud.
  • Click on iCloud Drive.
  • On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and at the bottom you must deactivate “Use mobile data".

iCloud Mobile Data

When you deactivate this function, iCloud will no longer use mobile data to transfer documents or data, which will save users a lot of mobile data.

Disable automatic downloads with mobile data in the iTunes Store and App Store.

Downloading application updates to your device can lead to high data consumption. If you are going to download these automatic updates, it is preferable that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network before downloading and updating your applications, since, some have very large sizes.

  • In Settings find iTunes Store and App Store.
  • In this section search “Use mobile data". Disable this option and you would be ready.

Deactivate Store

Disable Wi-Fi Support.

Wi-Fi support can be as harmful as it can also be useful. When trying to supply a weak Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi support starts using mobile data To help with the bad service. While this doesn't help, you could be using a lot of mobile data without knowing it. To deactivate this function:

  • Opens Settings and press on Mobile data.
  • Scroll to the bottom and at the bottom you must deactivate the Wi-Fi support.

Wi-Fi support
If you have had an increase in data consumption, since you use a Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi support may be the problem.

Restrict the use of mobile data for some applications.

There are certain applications that are used more than others. Some of these applications do not consume data at all, and others do. Always good to know which applications consume data, and more importantly, if those applications need access to mobile data.

  • Go to Settings and enter Mobile data.
  • Once inside, scroll down until you find the application list.
  • Start disabling the use of mobile data for the applications you find necessary.

Disable apps

Disable background update.

This is a very common trick for save mobile data. Applications can update information in the background, while you are not using them and this of course, consumes data. This option can be disabled and does not really affect the use and interaction with the iPhone.

  • Go to Settings -> general and press on Update in background.
  • Now disable the function at the top. The applications are they will change from green to white.You can see the list of applications that had update in the background below the disabled option.

Disable Background Update
This option is usually disabled for save battery, but it works for saving mobile data too.

Avoid the transmission of high quality music.

Apple has created the option to listen to high quality music, regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi or mobile network. Of course, The higher the quality, the greater the file. The larger the file, the more data is needed to transmit. Therefore, if you use Apple Music and want to save on data, you should disable this option.

  • Opens Settings and go to the option Music.
  • Find and disable the option to High quality with mobile data.