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How to prepare my iPhone for iOS 9


Restore with iTunes

The best way to make sure that we are not going to drag any errors from previous versions is to restore with iTunes. When restoring with iTunes, the entire operating system will be downloaded and installed. The result will be that we will have an iPhone as it left the factory, but with a newer system. But you do not need to lose everything because you can have contacts, calendars, notes and so on in iCloud. Retrieving this information does not affect the installation of 0.

Keep in mind that it is highly recommended to have a backup in iCloud (this does not include applications). My advice is that, instead of preparing the iPhone before installing iOS 9, do this method at the same time that you update. In other words, when iOS 9 is launched, we do the following steps, but the restore button will read “restore and update”:

  1. We connect the iPhone to the computer.
  2. We open iTunes.
  3. We tap on the devices icon.
  4. We select our device.
  5. We touch on Restore and Update.
  6. We unlock the iPhone.
  7. We deactivate Search my iPhone (settings / iCloud, lever “Search my iPhone”).
  8. We wait for the system to be installed.

I do not recommend doing the backup in iCloud because then try to recover it all and we can take some error from iOS 8 to iOS 9.

Restore from iPhone

With my iPhone disabled, we do the following:

  1. Let’s go to Settings.
  2. We play in General.
  3. We scroll down and tap on Reset.
  4. We touch on Clear contents and settings.
  5. We introduce the code of our iPhone.
  6. When iOS 9 comes out, we update via OTA or with iTunes (better with iTunes).

Simply update

At first I had not included this option because with it nothing is taken into account. It is simply updated via OTA or with iTunes.

In summary:

  • If you want to be less likely to have problems, it is restored and installed from 0.
  • The second best option is to restore and then recover backup.
  • The third best option is to update directly. I have commented on the third option because many of you are not sure what to do and confuse “what is best” with “what is required.”

There should be no problem in any of the three options but, of course, the newer the installation, the less “vices” it has.

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