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How to make the iPhone read text aloud


How to make the iPhone read text aloud

  1. We open the Settings.
  2. We are going to general.
  3. We play in Accessibility.
  4. We’re going to Voice.
  5. We activate “Read selection” and “Read screen”.
  6. We set the speed Reading.
  • Optional: within “Voices” we can choose both the language of the voice and whether we want the quality to be better or not. The improved Spanish occupies 147mb that we will have to download.

Now that we have it configured, let’s see how to make the text read to us. We will have two methods available.

Read selection

This option works in any application that has a text that we can select, such as Mail, Notes or some web pages. What we have to do is the following:

  1. We select the desired text.
  2. We move to the right and play in “Voice”.

At that moment, Siri’s voice will read us that text. Everything we have marked in blue will read us.

Read Screen

This method came with iOS 8. Once the option is activated in the settings, we will have a new gesture available on any screen. To activate it, just slide two fingers from the top to the bottom of the iPhone. We will see that a menu appears with the name of the application, the turtle and the hare (speed) and the playback / pause controls. Once the two fingers are slid, our iPhone will start reading all the content on the screen. If we wish, we can look at the screen to see where it is going. The word you are reading will be in blue.

If we are a second without touching the window that has appeared, we will see that it is minimized, leaving a point similar to that of the Assistive Touch, but with the arrow and black.

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