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How to install unofficial applications using Xcode


The inexhaustible source of applications

GitHub is an inexhaustible source of applications for iOS and TVOS. We have already explained two examples of how to install applications from this repository: Provenance, the SEGA video game emulator and Nintendo for the new Apple TV, and the Safari browser for tvOS. But these are just two examples of what can be done thanks to the huge developer community behind GitHub. Do you want to know everything that is available for iOS or tvOS? It is easy, you just have to do a search on the page or directly click on these two links that will give you the results of applications according to the date of the last update.

Using Xcode to create our applications


  • Xcode 7, a free application that you can find in the Mac App Store.
  • Developer account, which can be free, you do not need to pay the annual fee. You can create one from the official Apple website.
  • A USB-lightning cable for iPhone or iPad, or USB-C for Apple TV.
  • The source of the application you found on GitHub.


We open Xcode, and if we haven’t added our account yet, it’s time to do it now.. To do this we go to the “Preferences> Accounts” menu and enter the data of our Apple ID with which we registered in the Apple developer program. I insist, you don’t have to pay anything.

In the window that appears, in the box at the bottom, we paste the address we have copied before, and click on “Next”

Once you have finished processing the application, which can take from a few seconds to more than half an hour, depending on the application, when the “Ready” label appears at the top of the window, we can install it on our device . In this case, as it is an iPhone application, I connect my iPhone to the computer using the USB-lightning cable, and I select it as it appears in the image above. Once that is done, click on the Play, the button with the black triangle in the upper left, and the application will be installed on our iPhone (in this example). If you want to see an example on video, here you can see the procedure for creating and installing Provenance, the console emulator for tvOS.

A very important detail to keep in mind is that the version of Xcode and iOS (or tvOS) must be compatible. Apple usually updates Xcode for each version, or at least for the betas, so if you have a beta installed on your device and Xcode you don’t have a beta, it probably won’t allow you to install the application.

Caution with what you install

A little common sense: GitHub is not controlled by Apple, and the application does not go through the filters of the App Store, so be very careful with what you install. It is better than ever before you report the application so you do not take unpleasant surprises. Right now you put the limit, and that is a responsibility that you must assume.

NOTE: The application used in this example has only been used for this purpose. This particular application does not work using this method since it has other dependencies that are not of interest for this tutorial.

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