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How to install Safari on Apple TV


Remove the incompatibility

Apple TV is ready to use a web browser, but Apple has it disabled and so it can be seen in Xcode. The first thing to do is eliminate that incompatibility, for which we have to modify a couple of lines of the file “availability.h” This file can be found within “”, for which you must right click on that file and click on “Show package content”. We navigate to the following route:

“Contents / Developer / Platforms / AppleTVOS.platform / Developer / SDKs / AppleTVOS.sdk / usr / include”

Within that path we open the “availability.h” file with Xcode and look for the following lines:

#define __TVOS_UNAVAILABLE __OS_AVAILABILITY (tvos, unavailable) #define __TVOS_PROHIBITED __OS_AVAILABILITY (tvos, unavailable)

And we replace them with the following lines:

#define __TVOS_UNAVAILABLE_NOTQUITE __OS_AVAILABILITY (tvos, unavailable) #define __TVOS_PROHIBITED_NOTQUITE __OS_AVAILABILITY (tvos, unavailable)

We save the file and we can now build our application in Xcode.

Building the Safari application for Apple TV

We must use the GitHub project of this link. The process is the same as the “provenance” application which we explain in this article and in the following video:

Once we have installed the application on our Apple TV, we can use it to visit our favorite websites.

Navigating with the Siri Remote

It would be ideal if Apple added Safari to its Apple TV and that let Siri use to go to our favorite pages or to dictate the page we want to go to instead of having to use the tvOS keyboard. But for now it is an alternative that can serve many of the owners of an Apple TV.

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