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How to create folders in the iOS photos application

Aplicación fotos en iOS 8

Photos application in iOS 8

If you are fond of photography, it is logical that you want have your photos neatly arranged. In iOS and OS X we have the creation of albums available, which is perfect for separating photos of family, friends, parties and other events. But what if we want to separate, for example, the photos of the different parties we have been to? Well, there is a little trick to get it.

We will do it by creating folders within the albums. In iOS we can create as many albums as we want, but we can also create folders that will allow us to separate the different scenarios that we have included in our albums. As you will see, it is very simple.

How to create folders in the iOS photos app

  1. Let's go to the app Photos
  2. We play in Albums
  3. We play and keep in the “+” symbol
  4. We will see that the option to create an album or a folder appears. We choose "New folder"
  5. We introduce the name of the folder we will create
  6. We play in save
  7. To create a folder within a folder or album, we enter that folder or album and we touch on Edit
  8. We repeat from step 3

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As you can see, it is quite simple. You just need to know the way and now you know it. In this guide I have explained the steps from the beginning, to create a new folder in case there is someone who did not know how to do it. If you already have the folders created, you will only have to do steps 7 and 8. As indicated in step 8, then you will have to go to 3 and finish in step 6.

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