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How to block annotations in the Notes application

Cabecera del tutorial de bloquear notas

Header of the block notes tutorial

One of the novelties of iOS 9.3 nobody wanted to ignore it, we talked about a function that I had heard demanded from many users of the complete Apple suite, we refer to those who in addition to making the most of their iPads and iPhones, they also have of a Mac OS. And we already knew it for a long time thanks to the fact that we use the betas of the next official versions of iOS for callers always informed until exhaustion, but the possibility of blocking annotations in the Notes application is fantastic. However, as always with these new functions, there are those who do not know how to use it or do not know how to get the most out of it. Because, In Actuality iPad we wanted to bring you a video and a step-by-step tutorial on how to block annotations in the Notes application, both for OS X, as for iOS and iCloud.

Locking and unlocking notes in iOS

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<p>First of all, to block the notes within the iOS Notes application is much simpler than we might think, we will simply have to start writing a note, as we have always done. Once we have finished our note, we will see how there is no visible section that allows us to block it, in fact Apple has decided to hide it a bit. The most important thing is that we do not get out of the note, because the code or TouchID blocking is done from within. <strong>Click on the "share" button that appears in the upper right corner and the context menu will open</strong>In it we find the function "block note" right next to the copy and below the applications that we usually use to share content.</p>
<p>Once we click on block, it will ask us if we want to enter a code or the TouchID, and we leave this to everyone's choice, however, remember that in Mac OS X and in it is not possible to use the TouchID so You will have to use your security codes.</p>
<p><strong>To unlock them, the procedure is just as simple.</strong>, the application will mark us with a small padlock those notes that are locked. The lock can be open or closed, if it is open it means that we have already unlocked one, so all the others are automatically unlocked, if it is closed, when you click on the particular locked note, you will not request an unlock code or authentication from TouchID. Quick and simple this method that Apple has selected to make our lives easier and safer.</p>
<h2><span id=Locking and unlocking notes on Mac OS X – El Capitan

In the video that in turn complies with the header of this section, I wanted to show you step by step how notes are locked and unlocked in the three sites where Apple allows us, that is, Mac OS X – El Capitan, iOS and , it is worth remembering that if we do not have all the devices updated to the latest version we will not be able to see the locked notes.

In OS X – El Capitan is almost as easy as in iOS, once again a small closed or open padlock will indicate the availability of the note. If it lacks a lock, it is simply not locked. If we access a locked note, we will see that where the content of the note should be we find “This note is locked, enter the password to view this note.”And just below a text box, here we must enter the code with which we have locked our Mac OS or the first lock code that we have decided to use to block our notes. Obviously we will not be able to unlock by Touch ID.

As before, once we unlock a note, all of them are unlocked, but in the top options menu, within the notes application window, we find a padlock-shaped button that allows us to close them all at once .

Unlock notes on

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<p>In we have it even easier, and that is <strong>on the Apple suite website we will not be able to block notes, we can only unlock them.</strong> That is, we cannot create notes and block them, but we can unlock notes already created. The procedure is absolutely the same as in Notes for OS X, we will see the text that this note is locked, we enter the code and all will be opened.</p>
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