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Having problems with the links in iOS 9.3?

Enlaces rotos de Safari

Broken Safari Links

(NOTE): The bug mentioned in this post was fixed with the release of iOS 9.3.1. Then you have the rest of the article.

Last Monday, the 21st, shortly after presenting the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Apple launched iOS 9.3. As with each release, not everyone is equally satisfied, but in this case we cannot speak of a relatively minor problem, such as a decrease in autonomy. iOS 9.3 came with a bug that seems quite widespread that prevents opening some links from some applications. Apple has not yet communicated the knowledge of this bug, but you just have to read the comments of the iPhone News readers to realize that the problem exists.

It is clearly an annoying failure. Not being able to open links on a smartphone is very attractive to a device and the Cupertino company is expected to move token and solve the problem sooner rather than later (Tuesday?), Something they could solve without having to launch a new version of iOS. Until the time comes, we can try several solutions that, although it is true that they will diminish the user experience a bit, it is also true that it could allow those affected by this annoying problem to use the device with “normality”.

How to fix the link failure in iOS 9.3

Of the solutions that we are going to facilitate today, you can opt for one or several. It is best to try one of them and check if everything works with "normal". If not, try another solution. We will comment up to 3 options, but it is best to try to deactivate as little as possible.

Disable Safari suggestions

This solution worked recently when it was impossible to navigate from Safari, something that Apple solved without launching a new version of iOS. We will deactivate them by doing the following:

  1. We open the Settings.
  2. Let's go to Safari.
  3. Inside Safari, we disable Safari suggestions

Disable Safari Sugerencais

Clear history and data from websites

  1. We open Settings.
  2. As in the previous solution, we enter Safari.
  3. We touch on Clear history and website data.
  4. And finally, we accept by touching on Clear history and data.

Clear history and data from Safari

Disable JavaScript

This is an option that you have left us in the comments. We will disable JavaScript by doing the following:

  1. We open Settings.
  2. How could it be otherwise, let's go to Safari.
  3. We slide down and play Advanced.
  4. And finally, we deactivate the switch, lever or toggle JavaScript

Disable JavaScript in Safari

Has it worked for you? Do not hesitate to leave your experiences in the comments.

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