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Elgato and iHome present their proposals for HomeKit


Elgato eve room sensor

The Accessory manufacturers are already beginning to unveil the first devices they will manufacture for Apple’s home automation system. HomeKit is expected to begin its journey from the next day 8, so companies like The cat or iHome They have pressed the accelerator and we will soon be able to reserve the first devices that these manufacturers will be able to make available to us.

The two proposals (four the case of Elgato) show that home automation has a great future. It is true that it will not be soon, but in the future we can control practically our entire house from our watch, mobile phone or maybe with microphones placed in each room (I imagine a general future, I don’t just talk about Apple)

Elgato eve

IHome iSP5 SmartPlug adapter

The iHome proposal seems much simpler. Basically is an accessory that we can connect to any outlet to turn on and off any device. For example, if we are leaving home and remember that we have forgotten to turn off a light, we ask Siri and this SmartPlug + HomeKit will do the rest. As I see it, the iSP5 SmartPlug can come in handy if we have a climate control at home. We could activate the air conditioner 10 minutes before arriving home and we would have our home warm in winter and cool in summer by the time we arrived.

The iSP5 SmartPlug can be booked from June 15.

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