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Apple's old public relations goes to Twitter


In addition, the platform is not just as profitable as it should and it does not attract more users to its platform despite the latest developments as a video service itself and the possibility that lately surrounds the company that it remove the 140 character limit for each message. This elimination would put an end to simplicity, the essence of the company. The good thing about Twitter is that with 140 characters you have to say your message clearly and concisely, bluntly.

To try to improve Twitter’s relationships with its entire environment, the latest rumors suggest that Natalie Kerris, former Apple public relations for 14 years, and that he left his post last April with the supposed intention to retire, could go to the ranks of Twitter. Natalie would come to replace Gabriel Sticker, who has recently left the company. and would be working closely with the company’s general counsel.

But this It is not the last Twitter signing of someone from Apple. Last December, the firm hired Jeffrey Siminoff vice president of various and inclusion in Apple and who left his post in the Cupertino to go to the ranks of Twitter.

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