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Apple turns forty: 1996


The return of the prodigal son, 1997 the beginning of a new era

Jonathan Ive began to work his story

Apple revolutionizes the world of music, iPod is born

On October 23, 2001,  product that would revolutionize the world arrived in the world, portable music players were on the rise, Apple knew it and wanted to create the definitive “player”. The iPod was a digital audio player, with a unique and portable design, perfect for your pocket. A user interface never seen before accompanied by a hard drive that had 5GB of storage, which was almost an infinite amount of music for the time. The iPod was here to stay, becoming the most popular music player on the market for years and years.

Only two years later, due to the explosion of the digital era, Apple launches iTunes Music Store, an iPod compatible digital music store that allowed you to buy songs for just $ 0.99. This was a serious blow against piracy and the easiest way to acquire music legally.

The iPod would see its range grow steadily, the iPod Nano would arrive in 2005, accompanied by the smallest and most portable of all, the iPod Shuffle. Later, in 2007 we would find the iPod Touch, a touch model, with all the advantages of an iPhone but without a phone.

Software investment and logo dancing

Between 1997 and 2006 Apple suffered a succession of logos never seen before, caused by the extravagance of Steve Jobs.

Apple knew about the future of software, the extensive knowledge in the two phases of creation (software-hardware) has allowed Apple to build highly optimized equipment. So that, acquired in 2002 the company Nothing Real with the intention of seizing Shake, a music composition software that would be the prolegomena of GarageBand. BootCamp was also born in 2006, a software that allows you to install Windows XP and Windows Vista on Mac devices quickly and easily.

The arrival of the iMac, the MacBook and the union with Intel

Since 2002 with the arrival of the flat-screen iMac we find Apple’s intention to unify the hardware behind the screen, so, in 2004 the iMac G5 was born, a fantastic team that was correctly unified behind the screen and with integrated web-cam , what would be the concept of the current iMac.

Thus, in 2006 Steve Jobs announced the collaboration between Apple and Intel, the iMac Core Duo is born, an iMac with Intel processor, which manages to run Windows XP. This iMac is the only one capable of running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux natively which makes it tremendously popular, at a price of € 795. Apple also presented the MacBook in May 2006, an Apple laptop with a white plastic chassis that caught everyone’s attention and also had an Intel processor. Also in 2006, in August, Apple published the Mac Pro range, a desktop computer for the professional environment composed of the most powerful hardware in Apple devices.

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