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Apple patents system to control notifications with the eyes


As an example, in the previous image we see the text “quicj” and below we would propose the correct word “quick”. Unlike the current iOS and OS X system, in the case described by the patent, it would be the opposite, that is, that the word that is proposed to us would not be used unless we indicate it. Currently, if there is a word that the device believes to be more correct, it will be set automatically when we finish writing it.

This vision detection could be used in notifications and pop-ups. It would not replace the touches of the screen, but it would be a support of these. It is inevitable to think about when we have the screen with many notifications about the icons, especially when we know exactly what they are trying to notify us.

The patent described is a bit confusing, everything has to be said. In any case, it is not the first one known in which some vision tracking system is shown, so we can be following you that Apple is thinking about something. Whether he does it or not, only time will tell.

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