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Apple patents a spherical lens with smaller size

Apple patents a spherical lens with smaller size

The system described includes three lenses, two of which are convex or substantially convex. There would be a third meniscus lens, or with concave and convex surfaces placed in front of each other, which would be located between the two lenses mentioned above. This third lens would pick up the incoming light at the same time as the first two focus on the light of the detection surface.

If we put it all together, the patent lens would allow us to take clearer images with less noise in a smaller space or, if the size is maintained, get photos of quality far superior to the current mobile cameras. On the other hand, we would have to overcome the problems of having a lens with that shape, something that Apple would solve via software.

As we always say, that a patent has been filed does not mean that we see it in future devices, but it helps us to know what a company is working on. Apparently, Apple is still working to make its famous camera even better.

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