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Apple offers service to protect iPhone screens


As you can see in the following video, an employee prepared for it will put a protective plastic on the iPhone screen. To do this, this employee will thoroughly clean the iPhone with special tools to subsequently put the plastic. It does not seem too difficult a procedure, but it is clear that buying the tools to put the plastic ourselves would not be profitable. In any case, the equivalent price of all work ranges from € 17 to € 33, at least in Japan. We cannot say that it is cheap, but what is it about Apple?

The only positive thing about this system is that the plastic will be perfect and without leaving any bubbles, but for that price it may be worth putting a tempered glass that, although it does not look so aesthetically, will always protect more than a plastic sheet. The point is that at the moment it is only available in Japan. When it is available in your country, would you consider using this new service offered by Apple or do you think it is not worth it? We leave you with the video.

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