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HomeKit dudas

HomeKit doubts

Probably about HomeKit, one of Apple's latest innovations which was presented in the previous keynote of the company, you will know many things. And almost all of them are good because they suppose a certain opening of the world of Cupertino, and above all, an interesting commitment to the internet of things. However, due to the novelty of the system, there are still many doubts in the air, and it is one of them that we want to talk about next.

HomeKit allows to create direct connections for the control of objects of almost all kinds. Although the official presentation highlighted closures, lights, cameras or doors, there could be many more that integrate with this system proposed by Apple. Also, best of all, Siri will be able to become our personal assistant to make everything in the house become something at our service. But all this, you already knew. Let's move on to what you probably didn't know in depth, and above all, to the doubts that HomeKit can still generate in users. Do you want to discover this Apple technology in depth?

Why is HomeKit better than accessories that are controlled with third-party apps?

It is clear that HomeKit can make things much easier. Although home automation has already reached home and there are gadgets that we control from the iPhone, the truth is that many of them are incompatible with each other. What this new technology does is that you can on the one hand have an individual control of these, but at the same time, a group control is allowed.

Is it safer to use HomeKit than other third-party technologies?

HomeKit comes with a technology that makes data encryption final between the accessory and the iOS device. That ensures greater security in the use of this and taking into account that in many cases they are gadgets to keep your house safe, it makes perfect sense to take advantage.

Will Siri be used on all connections?

Although it sounds weird, Apple enables the use of Siri to control all gadgets that have been developed with the HomeKit technology. That means that Siri will become your guide and your assistant to configure all possible actions.

How will Apple ensure the safety of other accessories?

In reality, all gadgets that are based on the HomeKit configuration will have to previously obtain an official Apple certificate. It's what is known as the Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFI)

Are there products with HomeKit available in the market?

  • Lutron Caseta Lighting Starting Kit: Will be available on June 2 at Apple stores and other shopping centers and online stores.
  • Insteon Hub: available June 2 on and
  • Elgato Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Energy sensors: Available in preorder on June 2 and In Apple stores online in July.
  • Ecobee3 smarter Wi-Fi thermostat: available in June at Home Depot, Best Buy, and In July at Apple stores.
  • iHome iSP5 SmartPlug: available for preorder as of June 15 at In other stores from July.

Is there a HomeKit app?

No, actually, precisely because of the configuration of the technology, it makes no sense. All accessories compatible with this technology will be controlled natively from the device itself through Siri.

What do I need to be able to control the gadgets with HomeKit?

You need an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch that can roll with iOS 8.1

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