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All about the 3D Touch of the new iPhone, do not miss it


How does 3D Touch work?

In the video that you have above these lines you can see a summary of how 3D Touch works on the iPhone 6s, its possibilities and the way we have to interact with this technology that, little by little, is increasingly present in the devices of Manzana.

Springboard Shortcuts

The new 3D Touch is much more than the shortcuts from the springboard. Perhaps it is the most spectacular, what can attract the most attention to users, but I think it is by far the most interesting function of this new technology. But because it’s the most shocking developers have quickly opted for it, and there are already many applications that offer these shortcuts using 3D Touch. Touch the application icon to open it as usual, press gently to access those shortcuts that will allow you to send a photo to Twitter or mark as seen an episode of your favorite series.

Peek and Pop

Apple also showed us in the presentation of the new iPhones how “Peek” and “Pop” worked. Press gently on a link to preview the web page it contains, or press harder to directly open it in Safari. The same goes for the photos and with Mail, the iOS mail application. The latter has rejuvenated thanks to these new functions and again occupies a privileged place that it should never have lost.

Animations on the lock screen

Do you want to put an animation on your Lockscreen? Well, you no longer need a Cydia tweak that drinks the battery of your beloved iPhone. Take a photo with your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, a “Live Photo” and use it as a background for your lock screen. When you press on the screen the animation will begin and for a few seconds the photo will come to life in the purest “Harry Potter” style.

Gesture multitasking

Another reason to do Jailbreak: you can access multitasking by a gesture on the screen. Press on the left margin of the screen and the multitasking will open, giving you access to all the applications you had open and to the springboard. Nothing to have to press the start button twice. What you want is to quickly switch to the previous application? Well, instead of using and holding on the margin, you must press and slide from left to right, and the application you had on the screen will open immediately before the current one.

Your keyboard is now a Trackpad

It also inevitably reminds us of some Cydia tweak: Now your keyboard behaves like a trackpad to move the cursor across the screen. Press on the keyboard and slide your finger on it, you will see that the cursor moves through the text you have on the screen. Do you want to select text? Place the cursor on the beginning of the text, release some pressure on the screen but keep pressing, and press again hard, then you can scroll and select the text you want.

And this is just the beginning

And best of all, the 3D Touch has only just begun. Without a doubt it will be a technology that will change iOS completely, and there is still a lot to go through with new features that it will offer us as developers and Apple itself work on it.

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