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5 tricks to become an expert with Apple TV

5 tricks to become an expert with Apple TV

Five tricks to be an expert on Apple TV

Organizing the applications

As with the iPhone or iPad, to reorganize the icon of an application, you must go to the application in question and hold the touch pad for applications to start dancing. At that time you can move the application in question to where it suits you best.

Delete applications

We will proceed in the same way as in the previous option, so that the icons begin to move or dance. At that moment press the Play button to display the confirmation menu to delete it.

Scroll quickly

Entering our password on Apple TV is a cumbersome task by having to scroll key by key to enter it. To move quickly, we just have to slide your finger on the touch pad by pressing lightly, so that the cursor moves quickly to the letter we want.

Access alternate characters

To access accented characters, we just have to press and hold the touch pad on the letter or symbol where we know it is, so that the special characters appear startled, just like the iPhone.

Musical options

If we find ourselves listening to music on Apple TV and a song sounds that we would be interested in saving in a music list or obtaining more information about it, we should press the touch pad a second until a contextual menu appears where you will offer different options

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