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WhatsApp encrypt end-to-end all your communications

WhatsApp sin espías

WhatsApp without spies

The battle between the FBI and Apple has revealed that we are not few users who care about keeping our personal data private. It seems that Whatsapp You have taken good note of it and today announced that all messages, photos, voice calls and videos sent through your application will be end-to-end encryption, which means that (in theory) the information will only be accessible from the devices of the sender and the receiver of these messages.

So far, WhatsApp end-to-end encryption I was only present in the messages of text, but the rest of the information remained unencrypted. In this way, a judge could ask them to "prick" the users' phones and know everything they were saying, although we all take it for granted that these types of orders would be issued only to be able to spy on criminals. As of today, if a judge makes such a request, WhatsApp Inc. will not be able to offer you help even if they wanted to, and this will be the case on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and all the platforms on which the application of most used messaging on the planet.

WhatsApp follows the steps of Apple and will encrypt all communications

This movement is still surprising. As you all know, WhatsApp Inc. was acquired by Facebook and the company that runs Mark Zuckerberg bases its business model on advertising. If they encrypt all communications, do not have access to our data and do not charge for the application, how will they generate benefits? In any case, if we believe everything they tell us, Facebook would be fulfilling its promise to keep WhatsApp as a company not related to the famous social network.

I know that many of you will be thinking (like me) that WhatsApp cannot do what it promises and that we will always be controlled but, if so, the different hackers would pronounce on it and “uncover the cake” informing that they do not tell us the truth , although it is also possible that everything is prepared for us to trust an application to confess to it by providing all kinds of details. At this point, everyone has to think what they think. What is your opinion?

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