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WhatsApp allow to silence the typical heavy of the group

WhatsApp allow to silence the typical heavy of the group

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Who else, who less, but all WhatsApp groups have their own ecosystem. A pack of elements and subjects of all types and classes, united by a single purpose, often perennial, that loses all meaning and objectivity. Be it the class work, the typical family group, the collection for the birthday gift, the birthday group and the group to comment on what happened during the birthday. However, there is a common element present individually, even sometimes collectively. That element is the baptized as "the heavy of the group." That peculiar individual, comments on each and every one of the plays, does not hesitate to invade the group at odd hours with any curiosity, and of course, it is public relations of the fashion venue, he will not hesitate in SPAMearte without mercy. WhatsApp knows it, and is looking for the solution.

The WhatsApp development team, which has been considerably improved since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook (everything said), is working in recent months to combat SPAM, a very common element in the most popular instant messaging client in the world and that does not have any type of limitation in the groups.

Through its translation center, we have seen that the application is coming soon it will allow us to block specific participants of a group chat, So we can read the messages of the rest of the members, but not those of the blocked individual, contributing to our peace and quiet. Goodbye to groups with 900 unread messages, with no apparent sense. We can focus on the users of the group that interest us, or exclusively on those who like us. Thanks to this, we can also avoid possible conflicts between people who get along badly, or who tend to argue.

This measure is more specific and useful than silence in the group, and will combat SPAM more efficiently. Its release date is not yet known, but it is expected to arrive with the next updates, hand in hand with the application for the Apple Watch.

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