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virtual reality glasses and case for iPhone 6


All this technology allows us to comfortably enjoy virtual reality in our homes. If we want to enjoy it, we can use the Google Cardboard, but precisely what is said comfortable to transport are not. This is where Figment VR comes in.

Figment VR is a case to protect our iPhone 6 but also integrates a folded virtual reality viewer, so that it does not interfere when making use of the device in our day to day as well as fit in any pocket. If we want to use it, we just have to press a button for the device to be deployed and we start enjoying portable virtual reality.

But in addition to using it as virtual reality glasses to enjoy this content, also we can use it as a stand to watch movies No need to support the device. The case is made of plastic and aluminum that absorb impacts and is available in black and white. At the moment the skinners have only opted for the Apple platform since it currently has a large number of applications that allow us to record and play content of this type.

Thanks to this virtual reality case / glasses We can climb Mount Everest, swim with sharks, enjoy concerts, visit ruins, walk through space, fly like birds … for a price of 55 dollars in the Kickstarter campaign that has just begun. In the absence of 50 days, the company has already reached the $ 75,000 needed to carry out the project.

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