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Vibbo is Secondhand's response to Wallapop



There was a time when Segundamano and Milanuncios (now under the same owner) shared the entire world of online classifieds in Spain, but with the emergence of mobile apps appeared Wallapop, which without being a wonder did offer what the people wanted: sell fast and without complications. Milanuncios reacted with an app a few months ago, while it has not been until now when we have seen the Secondhand bet.


Although Milanuncios was content with a good application, in Secondhand they have understood that to compete with Wallapop they need something else, and already put to change, because we go with everything. The new name of the popular classified portal becomes Vibbo, a drastic change and that entails very important risks regarding the identification of the brand by the users.

Such radical changes can be very good for pivoting towards a more modern business model, but they can also function really bad If you lose the brand identity you had and people don't identify with the new one. Only time will tell what happens in this case, so about this we have to sit and wait.

Other style

Let's talk about the app, which is what interests us here. The idea has been wallapopizar the app to make it more casual and less serious, so it has been sought simplify publication of the ads, the contact with the users (includes messaging) and we can bookmark the ads we want to analyze them later, this function being really useful to use it frequently.

The design is simple, giving the ads priority at all times. You have searched for one very clean interface where white predominates with orange as a secondary color, but being comfortable to use and very aesthetically successful. At this point it can be said that it successfully surpasses its competitor, so it is not ruled out that Wallapop puts the batteries and surprise us with a short or medium term update.

The classifieds market has a niche for more than one application, since it is very common for users of the same to publish the ad throughout all of them. Now it remains to be seen if Vibbo takes hold in the top and manages to build loyalty with users, something that a priori seems viable considering that it is free and that it retains a great base of its stage as Secondhand.

Our assessment

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vibbo – Second hand store

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