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The iPhone 6, 10% more powerful in video games than the Samsung Galaxy S6


The iPhone 6 tends to run video games more fluidly, with a frame rate per second higher than the competition and very stable that is rarely below 30fps. The Samsung Galaxy S6 however, is in second place with also fantastic results, however it often shows bottlenecks and frame drops per second below 30fps. Special mention for The Nexus 6 and HTC One M9 that provide improper results of high-end terminals.

It is obvious that, apart from the operating system, the screen resolution provides greater ease in the case of the iPhone 6, however the excellence is at the intermediate point between power and control, and Samsung’s bad mania of inflating its high-end (and deflate its mid / low range) He often plays against him. Once again, the hardware optimization work in Cupertino gives excellent results.

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