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Steve Jobs' book, his biography as it should have been told

libro de steve jobs

steve jobs book

Who was Steve Jobs? Many of those who know his name will immediately relate to the position of Apple CEO until his death in October 2011. Many think that he was a kind of angel and even savior who took Apple to the top When he was close to bankruptcy. Everything you know has a certain part. Part. To be totally true it is necessary balance the balance also adding the darker information of the character who knew how to imagine the future. That is exactly what you can read in “The Steve Jobs Book”, a book that, as we read on the cover, shows the “lights and shadows of a genius".

To give you an idea of ​​what Jobs was like, something that is included in this book and that is one of the points that make it interesting, the first thing SJ did was to scam his friend and partner Wozniak. As you all know, and if I don't tell you, Jobs was the visible head of Apple's business in its beginnings, iWoz being the genius who did "magic" imagining and creating devices. When Jobs worked at Atari, he was asked for a game that caught his attention, he told Wozniak and the Polish was the one who created it. Jobs were paid a certain amount and only gave iWoz, the real creator, somewhat percent almost residual.

I have commented on the above to give you an idea of ​​how it can be a person who has achieved so much in the life. If you are able to betray your friends, what could you not do? Jobs endorsed Picasso's phrase “good artists create; the great artists steal“, Something I would also take care of in order to use a user interface controlled with a mouse. He asked Xerox to teach him what they were working on and that took him to his computer. I guess there are people who are finding out about these things here and now.

It is clear that not everything related to Steve Jobs was bad, far from it. The examples I have put to balance a balance that in most cases falls from the positive side of the former CEO of Apple with almost no weight on the negative side. And also, of course, to talk about the biography created by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. They say it is "The definitive biography of Apple's genius" why not limited to extol the characterIt is objective and also controversial, something that many other biographies are not that write about the good or the bad, but they have no balance between both.

Both authors have important information to contribute to this biography. Schlender was in contact with Jobs for 25 years and was confident of the former CEO of Apple, so he knows information that only now we have available. On the other hand, Tetzeli is responsible for writing about the youth of an ambitious, rebellious and opportunistic character that evolved over the years.

If with everything explained you have been left wanting to know everything that Schlender and Tetzeli have to tell us, you can buy “The Steve Jobs Book” on Amazon for a Price of € 7.59. It is also available in hardcover for a price of € 18.53.

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