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Review of the Mujjo Leather Case for iPhone 6s Plus


After several experiences with leather cases, my conclusion has always been the same: they are beautiful, the touch is fantastic, but they end up spoiling very soon. They are not usually very resistant cases and end up deforming by the characteristics of the material, some even end up not fitting well to the iPhone, as happened to the original Apple case. This Leather Case by Mujjo does not have that problem, because it combines the outer skin cover with an internal polycarbonate structure, Which gives you the precise resistance to protect your iPhone and also not to deform with the passage of time.

Obviously, the case has the necessary slots to access all the buttons, connectors and for the camera and the flash to work perfectly. And all this in a case that does not make the device too fat, as can happen with other similar models such as those that incorporate card holder, something much appreciated by many but detested by others, so everyone can have just what they need to protect their iPhone.

Editor’s Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ 39.95 to € 44.95


  • High quality leather
  • Top finish
  • Polycarbonate Protection
  • Reinforced structure that prevents deformation
  • Light

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