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Recover space on your iPhone with this ingenious trick!

Recover space on your iPhone with this ingenious trick!

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A trick from Reddit that promises to circulate on the net these days free up space on our iPhone When we are running out of it, the trick is somewhat tricky and unconscious as it would activate a system mechanism that is not available to the user for manual activation.

This trick is very useful especially for those who have a 16GB device, since they are likely to run out of space before the rest, and would make the iPhone itself cleaned its “junk files” or cache of applications that are useless or not essential, in this way we can recover even a few GB of space.

The trick is very simple and consists of cheat the systemFor this we should try to rent a movie that occupies more space than we have available, for example The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers or Mars (The Martian) that occupy about 6GB in its FullHD version.

Once this is done, and since we do not have enough space, the system will display a message warning that we do not have enough space to complete the process, and the rent will not be made.

After that, the cleaning system will start working and start emptying some caches to try to recover space.

This is not new at all, it is part of a piece of news that has emerged a long time ago, I would say that from iOS 5, and that is part of that strange event in which some social media apps (such as Facebook, especially this one), changed the name of your icon a "Cleaning…" and they could not be opened during the process, this is not urban legends, it really happens although it is very difficult to see it, and more now when the storage chips of our devices are so fast that the deletion is done in just seconds.


The process can be repeated as many times as desired, provided you try to download a file larger than the available space remaining on our device.

Formerly there was an application in the AppStore that said clean the caches of our device, and what it really did was fill free space with random data until there was no space left, then iOS activated this self cleaning mechanism and the system itself was the one that cleaned itself, it is something that few people know, I even talked about it to those responsible for AVG in the past Mobile World Congress after telling me that they are preparing a cleaning application for iPhone.

Unfortunately, it seems that Apple does not allow such actions in an application Inside your store, it may be because they indirectly interfere with the information stored by others by deleting files, something that I believe violates the App Store rules.

Either way, It is a process that works and that has been used by many apps and programs, as it is currently also used by the iMyfone cleaning program, a program for Windows and OS X that among its functions one of them writes a file that fills the device's memory with random information up to This is responsible for deleting their own caches.

If you tried it, tell us, has it worked for you?

Via – Reddit

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