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Possible solution to the GPS problem in iOS 8.4



  1. Press and hold the standby button and the start button.
  2. When we see the apple, we release the two buttons.

Disable and reactivate location services

  1. We open the settings.
  2. We move to General / Restrictions.
  3. We activate the restrictions (you will ask us for the code).
  4. Once activated, we scroll down to Privacy and enter Location.
  5. We deactivate “location services”.
  6. We do a reset as described above.
  7. Once the iPhone restarts, we do step 1 to 5 again, but in the last step, we reactivate the location services
  8. This system has solved the problem for many users.

Reset network settings

  1. We open the settings.
  2. We move to General / Reset and reset network settings.
  3. We introduce our code.

Restore and configure as a new iPhone

If all of the above fails, it is best to start from 0. And since we do, I also recommend restoring from iTunes, not from the iPhone itself.

Although it is a bug that can be annoying and a problem for those who depend on GPS, it seems that it is more a bug than something that creeps from the previous version than an iOS 8.4 bug. Anyway, we are waiting for Apple to pronounce and, if it does not, the problem will not be widespread.

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