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Metal version of the classic tone of the iPhone Marimba

Metal version of the classic tone of the iPhone Marimba

Marimba is one of the tones that has been on the iPhone for more years and It has become one of the most representative of the company, since it is the tone that comes natively when you release the device. As with the brands that I have commented above, when you go down the street or listen to this tone on television, you will most likely take a look at your iPhone in case it is the one that is playing, because you know it is an iPhone .

This original tone is composed of an African xylophone, but after more than 9 years using it, Apple could update the tone, as Nokia once did, to sound different. While Apple thinks about it the guitarist ToxicEternity has created a metal version of the most popular Marimba ringtone on the iPhone. Surely some of our readers and the occasional editor (Mr. Aparicio) will be downloaded and included in the tones of your iPhone to enjoy this new updated version of the marimba. And don’t tell me Pablo that you won’t know that we know each other.

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