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IPhone SE 7000 aluminum impact tests

iPhone SE

iPhone SE

That the iPhone SE is very similar, very much to the iPhone 5s is undoubted. In fact, it has exactly the same main design. However, not only inside it hides a “motor” that has nothing to do with that of the iPhone 5s but rather with that of the iPhone 6s, but also we find novelties at the manufacturing level and materials that begin to place it as a High-end device beyond which the main design has been clearly reused from an earlier model. What are the news? many but the most important thing is to observe how this little big phone faces the tests of cotton, the iPhone SE is not intimidated before the knife and the hammer.

One of the novelties that users demanded most for the iPhone 6s after the “bendgate” of the iPhone 6 was the use of more resistant metals, or at least the cessation of Apple's intentions to illogically thin the device without following the basic principles of resistance. He took note, and is that the iPhone 6s included an aluminum alloy called 7000 that was more resistant and eliminated the problems of bends. But this was not going to be the only inheritance of the iPhone 6s to the missing iPhone SE, Thus, the iPhone SE is manufactured in Alumino 7000.

The typical tests of TechRax They are already very popular on this website, we see how literally stabs the device, breaking the lens of the camera (made of sapphire crystal), but the images of the hammer repeatedly hitting the iPhone are the most striking, the iPhone SE remains quite whole despite the blows, tWe all know that the iPhone 5s was one of the toughest devices that Apple launched to the market, If we add to that a last generation crystal and the A7000 we find such a surprise.

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