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In the future we can use the iPhone even with gloves


If this patent comes to light, Apple would not be the first to launch a screen that could be touched with gloves. Nokia has long launched its Lumia with these features on its screen but, as we can see from the sales of those devices, it is not something that will make us opt for one device or another. It is actually something that brings a point of comfort, but it is not an extremely important feature. Anyway, I am convinced that many will think the same of the 3D Touch screen (or even that it is less important). Different people, different ideas.

As we always say, that we know a patent does not mean that it will be included in any product, but it does help us to know in which direction a company is working. I am not someone who usually uses gloves, but I am sure that there are many users who would receive an iPhone with this type of screen with open arms.

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