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How to sync your episodes seen on Plex with

Plex-trakt-tv is a service that many applications like iShows (my favorite) use to synchronize the episodes seen and the seasons you are following. It is a web service with its own API that we will use to add to Plex. Thanks to a Plex plugin available on GitHub the procedure is very simple.

The first thing is to make an account on, which is very fast and free. Access the Plex-Trakt-Scrobbler GitHub page, which is what this plugin is called. Download the zip and unzip it on your computer, and Save the file “Trakttv.bundle” which is the one that interests us. Now go to the Plex path where the bundles are stored and place that file there:

  • OS X: ~ / Library / Application Support / Plex Media Server / Plug-ins
  • Linux: / var / lib / plexmediaserver / Library / Application Support / Plex Media Server / Plug-ins
  • Windows XP: C: Documents and Settings (username) Local Settings Application DataPlex Media Server Plug-ins
  • Windows Vista and later: C: Users (username) AppDataLocalPlex Media ServerPlug-ins