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How to report bugs in the public beta of iOS 9


Now that the first public beta of iOS 9 is available, we can all contribute to improve the system. Those of us who have the beta for developers installed (which we can have as developers or not) do not have the option to do so through the “Feedback” application that is included in the public version of iOS 9. We have a website to inform about bugs, but this website cannot be accessed without a developer account.

Non-developers who also have the public beta installed will have the Feedback application, which you can use to fill in some fields and inform Apple of a bug that you have detected. This is important since reporting bugs will make Apple know the problems sooner and, in the long run, the system will be better.

How to report bugs in the public beta of iOS 9

  1. We open the application Feedback.
  2. We play in To accept (accept).
  3. Enter the email of our Apple ID and password.
  4. We play in To compose (compose) from top to right (or New Feedback at the bottom).
  5. We fill the descriptive title and fill in all sections.
  6. We play in Submit (Submit) to send the report to Apple.

We can send comments as well as a report of some unexpected closure that will be available to select within the application. If you have to send a report, it is best to do so immediately after the failure has occurred or you will not be able to know which of all the reports you have to send.

You have to keep in mind that In the reports you could send your device data such as position, email, calendars and name to Apple. Therefore, you only have to send these types of reports if you do not mind providing this type of information. No data from your iCloud keychain or anything that is not important to solve the bug that you have reported will be provided.

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