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How to create an Apple account for a child using In Family

How to create an Apple account for a child using In Family

Why create an account for a child?

Especially for your own safety. Do not forget that all your data, contacts, calendars, email, etc. are stored in iCloud. Putting all this within the reach of a child’s hands is not recommended because it can wreak havoc. The changes you make on a device connected to iCloud are synchronized directly on all your devices, so if you accidentally deleted a contact, you would immediately lose it on all your devices, and you wouldn’t even notice it.

But it is also an “investment of the future”, because your child will be able to keep their own data stored in their account. Your Safari favorites, your teacher’s email account, your Game Center games. Why do you have to play using your Clash of Clans game? That he has his own village from now on and that will not spoil anything, he can even defeat you in battles.

How to create an Apple account for a child?

The first thing is to have a family account created. In that account a person is the one who organizes everything, and the one who puts the credit card. The rest are added accounts that share the payment method, and to which restrictions may be placed., but we will see that later. Now let’s see how to add a child to a family account. To do this you have to access Settings> iCloud and just below your account click on “In Family”. If you already have a member, it will appear there, nor do you have anyone you can add to whoever you want:

  • In the case that it is someone with an Apple account already set up, you just have to invite them using their email, which is associated with your account. If you accept the invitation it will already be in your family account.
  • If you do not have an account, and it is also a minor (our example) you will have to create it from scratch, for which we will have to create an iCloud email account and indicate the child’s age.

Two important details in this configuration: We must configure who can authorize purchases of minors and those who do not. Those who can authorize them will be the “Parents / Guardians”, the others will simply be “Adults.” To do this, enter each family member and activate or deactivate the “Parent / Guardian” button. The account holder will always be a parent / guardian. The other detail that must also be taken into account is whether we want minors to request purchases or not. If yes (activated button) they can buy applications, free or paid, but the authorization of a parent or guardian will be necessary. The best thing is that you watch the video below to see how it works.

Family Benefits

Having members added to your En Familia account means that each of them can have their own Apple and iCloud account set up on their device, with their data, but may share holder purchases. That is, if you have purchased an application they will not have to pay for it again when downloading it. They can also use the Apple Music family account, and for € 15 a month, members of your Family account can enjoy Apple’s music service. Now you just have to adjust the age restrictions of your iPad to be calm and know that they will not access things that are not suitable for their age.

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