How to add the number of the week to the calendar in iOS 8

If you are not an intensive user of the Calendar application and with it you work perfectly, today we are going to show you a little trick by which we can show the number of the week in the application. Once we have activated this little trick, each time we opt for the monthly display, we will check how at the beginning of each row of the month the number of the week corresponding to the year in which we are will be displayed.

Add the week number in the iOS 8 calendar

  • First we will go to Settings.
  • Within Settings, we will go to the section where we can make changes to the calendar, which is named Mail, contacts, calend.
  • Within this section, we look for the option Week numbers and activate it.

This option barely takes up space in the application, so it never hurts to have it activated, since surely we will be able to take advantage of it, you may not see it now, but surely in the future you will find the utility .

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