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How to add subtitles automatically in Plex


Create an account at

It is the first step, it hardly costs a few seconds of your time and is free. Go to and create a free account that we will use for Plex to download the subtitles from that page. Once this is done you can continue with the next step.

Activate the OpenSubtitles plugin in Plex

Obviously you must have the Plex Media Server application installed on your computer and have already added your multimedia library, which is quite simple. Let Plex download all the content from the internet (covers, titles, cast …), correct the wrong associations you had and when your library is in perfect condition then continue with the procedure to add the subtitles.

You will then have to enter your account access data that you created in the first step of this tutorial and choose the subtitles that you want to be downloaded automatically. You have up to three subtitles that you can download, although you don’t need to choose all three.

You no longer have to worry about searching for websites to download the subtitles or having to change their name to match the video file, or add them to your library. Plex will take care of all this for you and you can also view them on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV No problem. A luxury for lovers of the series in the original version.

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