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Google gives 2 GB in Drive to celebrate the day of the secure Internet


To celebrate this trust, Google wanted to join the parties and is giving away 2 GB of storage on Google Drive just doing a security check of our data. This check is intended to ensure the Google users account for possible unwanted access and will only take a few minutes. In addition, he gives us 2 GB, with which we may not be able to do much, but surely the least thought day you will miss if you do not get them.

To access this check, we just have to open Google on its home page, or click directly on this link. Then you will ask us for our username and password to verify that we are the rightful owners. In the next step our phone number and email will be displayed in case we need to recover the Gmail account.

In the next step we find every daydevices with which we connect to Google services, where we will find the smartphones and tablets that we use in addition to the computers used to access. In the next step, all will be displayed the applications that we have authorized to our account as email managers and services used to access services. Once this last step is finished, we will have finished and throughout the day we will receive the 2 GB of free storage.

The best accessories for your iPhone

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