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Google abandons Flash ads


Google through its platforms to hire ads, offers several possibilities to create ads. On the one hand we have the typical plain text ads that appear in the search engine and on the other hand we have the rich ads that show us short videos or animations. These last are created using Flash technology, so it is required on computers or devices that want to reproduce it.

But seen as seen, Google will continue to accept and allow to modify ads of this type until next June 30. As of that date, these types of ads will no longer be allowed on your Adwords or DCDM platform. But as of January 2, 2017, all these ads stop showing on all platforms. Any such ad will be deleted. For several months, Google offers advertisers the ability to convert Flash-designed ads to HTML 5.

Currently the company’s browser Chrome is blocking this type of ads by default since last September. Firefox for its part has directly eliminated any support for this technology, although we can activate it or we need it. Even Adobe has renamed the application used to create this type of content to try to distance itself from the scourge that this technology has meant.

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