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Fetch, the application that with a photo tells us the breed of a dog


This policy is not exclusive to Microsoft, but Apple is also going to try to expand its services to the different ecosystems in the market, starting with Android. A few days ago Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Music will not be the only Apple application that will reach the rival platform. Samsung is another clear example of the expansion that companies are forced to reach a maximum number of potential customers.

Once Microsoft has already adapted its main applications to the iOS and Android platform, it is now the turn of the Microsoft Garage Project, an application laboratory that lately is launching different and curious applications. A few days ago Microsoft launched an application for Selfies that automatically corrects the imperfections it detects. Now it’s the turn of Fetch, an application that It allows us to quickly find out what breed dogs are. For this we just have to take a picture and the application will take care of the rest. A curious application where there are, which surely serves more than one dog lover.

Unfortunately as usual in some Microsoft applications, such as Bing and its translator function, Only available in the US App Store, so for now we are going to have to wait for Redmond’s to translate it into more languages, I can’t find another reason not to offer it in more countries, and well stay with the desire.

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