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Facebook Messeneger prepares multi-account option and more news

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Llegan las video llamadas a Facebook Messenger

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Video calls come to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most common instant messaging services on the planet, however, we do not usually devote too many articles, unless they do some of the typical software-level destruction that Facebook has accustomed us to. But nevertheless, The Facebook Messenger team is preparing a series of novelties that will be noteworthy, so we will venture to tell them before they happen, as we do with WhatsApp. Facebook will allow the return of the possibility of sending SMS through the application, but not only that, they will also enable the multi-account option that has recently reached Instagram.

This option to send SMS is without doubt the most popular of Facebook MessengerIn fact, many of you will not even notice that it disappeared, but it is good that they think of all the users. Facebook is looking for how to differentiate Facebook Messenger from other messaging applications and does not stop updating it almost weekly.

The multi-account support if that is more interesting, there are many who have several Facebook accounts for one reason or another, and juggling the accounts is something of the most annoying thing for anyone. Now we can keep all conversations in one application, and that is Facebook Messenger will soon add the ability to add several accounts to the same application So that we don't lose, I tend to login.

To differentiate for example the SMS received in the application, Facebook has decided to fill them with color, that is, the SMS will be purple, and not light blue like the rest of the messages in the application. This is a measure that Apple already takes with iMessages, the SMS messages are green and the iMessages blue to help us differentiate them as quickly as possible.

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