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Everything you need to know about error 53


What is error 53?

The problem seemed at first that it only happened when someone changed your home button or some related component on an unauthorized site. When updating your device, error 53 arrived and the device was literally locked without a possible solution. Not even Apple is currently giving a solution, which is causing the anger of users who are suffering in their meats. The error

What does Apple say about error 53?

For now Apple has given a very clear and hopeless answer: It is a safety mechanism to avoid unwanted manipulations that may jeopardize user data when changing an official Touch ID for another manipulated. There is no solution (at the moment) and Apple does not take care (at the moment) of any repair to solve it.

What causes error 53?

According to Apple, this error occurs in devices that have manipulated the Touch ID sensor or any other component related to fingerprint recognition, always in an unauthorized service, of course. The sensor is associated with the “secure enclave” of the iPhone processor and when replaced by another that association is broken causing the failure.

What devices suffer?

At the moment it seems that only the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, although it is not something confirmed by Apple. At the moment it seems that there are no cases of error 53 on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, since they use a different cable than the previous ones. Yes it seems that iPads with Touch ID may suffer the error, but the one that surely does not suffer is the iPhone 5s.

Are there other causes of error 53?

Apple says that this error only occurs when manipulating the Touch ID or any related element, but the reality is that there are cases of the same error that have nothing to do with that manipulation. According to some repair experts who have consulted in Cult of Mac it seems that There have been cases of error 53 when replacing the iPad Air screen, without having touched the Touch ID at all. There have even been cases of this error without any manipulation, such as a user with an iPhone 6 who after months with problems with the Touch ID ended that error when updating. Obviously this last case had no problems to have the product replaced at Apple.

The conspiracy theory

With so much confusion it is normal that there are many users who are considering that this is not just one more strategy of the company so that the repairs of its devices are carried out only in its authorized services. With the excuse of security Apple could have achieved its goal that all the after-sales service of its iPhone and iPad go through their hands, since users, afraid of the possibility of running out of iPhone or iPad, would not see the services “no officials ”as a possibility and would have to go to the Apple Stores and authorized technical services, paying the high fees that Apple imposes.

It may also be the case that it is a bug that Apple did not have controlled. Perhaps it is true that Apple wants to avoid malicious manipulation of its devices but it has gotten out of hand with an error that leaves users with a useless device. In fact it seems that Apple is already considering the possibility of repairing those devices, although obviously out of warranty and paying the full rate.

Be that as it may, what is clear is that error 53 will still occupy many headlines in the coming days.

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