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Does iOS 9.3 improve iPhone performance? The answer is s


The ballast (or not) of the only GB of RAM

Apple was involved in the fact that RAM is not decisive in the performance of the device, especially when the operating system itself manages it efficiently, and they know a lot about it in Cupertino since they can boast of having two of the operating systems that Better manage the RAM of the market, we talk about iOS and Mac OS, because more than despite some, an iOS device with 1GB of RAM moves to the verge of a high-end Android that has at least three GB of RAM. Leaving this kind of detail for brand fans, let’s talk about Apple’s commitment to RAM.

The iPhone 6 arrived with great anticipation and disappointing some for its alleged racking in RAM, however, from Cupertino they excused themselves that it was no longer necessary, plain and simple. We are not going to deny that the device performs excellently with a GB of RAM, but it is time to navigate in Safari and the pages begin to reload, there we realize that there is something that escapes the power of Apple, and it is the rhythm to which we sail.

iOS 9.3, a breath of fresh air for previous devices

Personally I have installed iOS 9.3 since the beginning on an iPhone 6, where you could see some falls of FPS in certain animations, but nothing worrisome. However, with the arrival of each update I was finding a cooler, lighter device, and with slightly accelerated animations with the intention of giving a feeling of frenetic speed, and so it has been.

I decided to keep the iPad Air in iOS 9.2.1 for obvious reasons, if the beta suffered from a bug, I was going to eat it with potatoes on all my devices, and I didn’t want that at all. However, seeing how well it performed on the iPhone 6 and that iOS 9.2.1 came to get me crazy in some transitions, keyboard, notifications and multitasking, I thought that “he who does not risk does not win”, and I launched the public beta of iOS 9.3 B3 on iPad Air, I couldn’t make a better decision.

What are the appreciable improvements of iOS 9.3 in performance?

There are many but they are not visual, I mean, the device will not bring magnificent new wallpapers, or functions beyond Night Shift, but something shows, and that is that animations, transitions and the system in general moves with the only point of fluency that iOS 9.2 was missing in any of its forms.

The points where the system has benefited the most They have been the following:

  • IPad multitasking is much lighter and more effective
  • The Notification Center has lost the small pull that accompanies us from iOS 9
  • The keyboard comes out from below with more fluidity
  • Multitasking starts faster and we navigate between applications more lightly
  • In the change between applications we observe a better performance of the RAM
  • Safari has gained in speed, response and stability

Definitely if you were thinking of installing the public beta of iOS 9.3, my answer is that you should consider whether or not you have enough knowledge for it. But if you are doubting the benefits of iOS 9.3 for older devices, I bring you good news, optimization is back on track.

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