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Do you want to work at Apple? Look what they might ask you

  • “If you have two eggs and you want to know which is the highest floor from which you could drop them without breaking them, how would you do it? What is the optimal solution? Question for a candidate for Software Engineer.
  • “How many children are born each day?” Question for Global Supply Manager.
  • “You have 100 coins lying on a table, each of the coins with face and cross (so it says in Spain on both sides of the coin). 10 of them are with the Face up and 90 of them are with the Cross up. You cannot feel, see or know in any other way which have the Face up. Separate the coins into two piles so that there are the same number of Faces in each pile. ” For Software Engineer.
  • “There are three boxes, one containing only apples, one containing only oranges and the other containing both apples and oranges. The boxes have been labeled incorrectly, so no label identifies the actual contents of the box. Opening only one box and without looking at it, pick up a fruit. Looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all the boxes correctly? For Software Quality Control Engineer.
  • “What would the breakdown of the cost of this pen look like?” Global Supply Manager.
  • “You are elegant?”. For Construction Engineer.
  • “You put a glass of water on a turntable and start slowly increasing the speed. What is the first thing that will happen: the glass will slide, tip over or the water will come out? ” For Mechanical Engineer.
  • “What is more important: fix the user problem or create a good customer experience?” For Counselor at Apple At Home.
  • “If they give you a jug with a mixture of legal and fake coins, you take one, throw it three times and you get the sequence ‘Face, Face, Cross’, what are the chances of you taking out a legal or a fake one?” . Analyst.
  • “How would you try a toaster?” For Quality Control Engineer.

I have some theories, but I better not say them. What do you say? Do you have any answers?

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