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Apple warns developers that they must install the new certificate


To protect customers and developers, it is necessary that all third party applications, both Apple Wallet passes, as extensions and Push notifications in Safari as well as the application purchase receipts in the Mac App Store are signed by a trusted certification authority. The certification authority of the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations issues the certificates that must be used to sign your software on Apple devices, which allows our systems to confirm that their software is delivered to users as intended and has not been modified.

If during the installation of the new certificate with a validity until February 2013, the developers encounter an error, in the Apple developer portal they can find all the help needed to solve those problems.

On the page that Apple has intended to inform the flayers, it also states that it is not necessary to recompile the applications or resubmit them for review, but this new certificate will be necessary from that date, since they will not be able to make use of the previous one, because it will stop working and be valid for the review of applications.

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