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Apple patents a Bumper type system with retractable corners

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After several patents filed in this regard, it is clear that Apple is investigating ways to protect your iPhone from falls. The last patent, filed last Thursday with the name “housing for electrical devices“, Describes a security system that deploys some cushioned retractable protectors that leave the corners of the iPhone when the integrated sensors detect a possible impact. This patent works in a similar way to another patent they filed to protect the front panel. The patent protects against falls on hard surfaces (which soft ones are dangerous?). The iPhone would use the accelerometer, gyroscope, cameras and microphones (one specifically for echolocation), among others, and that are configured to control the movement of the device to detect changes in speed, acceleration and other movements characteristic of a fall.

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<p>When the iPhone detects a free fall, the system <strong>unfold the corners</strong> to absorb the impact on the device housing. The corners of the bumper could be made of foam, plastic, rubber or other materials. Protective corners <strong>could be replaced</strong> after an impact, in the same way that a bumper of any vehicle can be replaced after an accident. Depending on the price of a new piece (which in the case of Apple, fear gives …), this could be interesting, since it would allow us to always have an iPhone without marks or broken parts paying less than if we have to replace, for example, the front panel .</p>
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But there is still something more interesting. This system also describes the possibility that the retractable corners also serve as a float for protect it against liquids. As you read Occasionally, an iPhone may fall into a pool, sink and break down. If the system described in this Apple patent works, an iPhone would fall into the water and sink a few centimeters, then remain floating like a ship. For the sake of the users, we hope that ship is not the Titanic.

If we take into account that Apple has already introduced changes in the iPhone 6s that give it greater water resistance, it is unlikely that we will see this patent on any of its devices, at least to protect it against liquids. In addition, in the absence of seeing it in a definitive design and although I could be wrong, such a device could be uglier than a fridge behind. Be that as it may, it is good to know that Apple cares about protecting our iPhone.

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